We help gifted, 2e, and neurodivergent individuals flourish in home and learning environments that nurture them.


Learning differences don’t just surface in the classroom.
We look at the whole child and family experience.

Neurodivergent Kids Need To Be Understood.

Your kid is different.
He doesn’t like school.
Friends don’t come easy.
Educators aren’t sure how to help.
The joyful child you once knew is smiling less.

You know they are smart. They aren’t so sure.
You want them to believe in and accept themselves.
You want them to chase their dreams and find happiness again.

We rekindle joy through strengths.

Parents Need Support and Community.

You love your child, every bit of them.
You want others to know and love them too.

You feel alone. Your friends don’t get it.
You aren’t the same person you were before.

You need to know you’ve done everything.
You won’t stop because your child needs you.

You want to believe that your child’s future is bright.

We build perspective and confidence.


Amy just gets it. She offers solutions and strategies while honoring our expertise as individual parents to twice-exceptional children. She’s been the first consultative professional to offer a wholistic and strengths-based approach for our particular learner.

- Mom of twice exceptional, AUDHD 6th grader

We Help You See Strengths, Not Gaps

We are fierce advocates for neurodiversity and the acceptance of neurodivergent individuals. We strive to shift perspectives with a strength-based lens.

We are creative thinkers that view education, environments, and parenting from a holistic perspective that honors your child and your family.

I understand, because I live it too.

I have complex multi-exceptional children. I once questioned if I was doing it right. I wondered what the future held.

I found our way. I braved educating differently. I embraced novel parenting strategies. I poured over research and conducted my own. I earned a doctorate by collaborating with the leaders that defined 2e. I can help you find your way.