Let us help you create the joyful experiences that bring a spark to their eye and harmony to your home.


Your work with my son has been truly life-changing, immediately and into the future. It made an immediate improvement in both of our lives, from Day 1." 

- parent of Profoundly Gifted 2e High School junior

You are not alone.

Connect with others who get it, and share their experiences in our community.


A Parenting Pause

You don't have to find all of the answers yourself. Sometimes, you need a different perspective, to feel heard and understood, or to clear your mind of the worries that are swirling. Take this 45 minutes for yourself. Put parenting on pause.

Come discuss the top concern relating to your child with someone that deeply understands, and is highly experience in the field of neurodivergent individuals, from children to teens and adults.

You and I will:

  • Use the Exceptionally Engaged Check-In framework to give you a sense of calm in just 45 minutes together
  • Discuss and address one particular topic that you feel needs the most immediate attention
  • Outline a strategy from a fresh perspective to help get a better outcome for you and your family

You will complete a brief questionnaire before our session so we can make the most of our time together, and truly help you. Parenting Pause is designed for the busy parent that just wants to know they are on the right path, needs a confidence boost, or feels exhausted of searching youtube and wants a few pointers from an expert on what to try next. 


Parent Community & Learning

One of the most impactful strategies in parenting neurodivergent children is finding community. Join a carefully crafted small group of parents on a journey, similar to you. Each group has a specific topic area of focus, allowing you to share lived experiences while also diving deeply into the latest strategies on topics that are meaningful to you.

6 weeks, live 1 hour weekly meetings. Select the topic most relevant to you:

  • New to 2e + Neurodivergent Acronyms
  • PDA + Anxiety
  • Schooling Alternatives: Homeschool, Unschool, Deschool
  • Supporting Passions: Technology & Video Game Interests
  • ARFID + Highly Picky Eater
  • Parenting for the Highly Sensitive & Neurodivergent 

You are not alone on this journey, and we welcome you to experience the support and growth in our Parent Community. 


With us, you've got a partner.

You don’t need to become the learning expert. We will craft a customized program together.


Strengths Assessment + Learner Introduction

How can we expect educators and therapists to effectively work with our children if they don't understand them?

This assessment flips the deficit-based models on their head by detailing strengths, interests, and talents. The assessment process includes:

  • 2 hours of parent or caregiver interviews
  • 2 live sessions with your child to complete assessment tasks
  • 3 live interviews with educators or providers in your child's life
  • 1 collaborative meeting with your family to ensure we accurately capture your child in the final results

The end result is an official strengths-assessment report that can stand alongside your child's IEP/504 or serve as a pricesless tool for educators, caregivers, and family members that need understanding of how to engage your child. It includes details about:

  • Personality Profile
  • Learning Style
  • Environments for Success
  • Talent Development Suggestions

We then go one step further, providing a one-page introduction of your child that is perfect for confidently initiating relationships with camp counselors, busy teachers, and others who may need a quick guide at their fingertips to be able to support your child.

With this report, you lay the groundwork for positive relationships of trust for your child and learning environments that allow them to thrive. This service is a foundational step to creating positive experiences for neurodivergent individuals and is required to unlock 2e Mentoring and Learning Specialist supports.


Mentoring & 
Work/Learning Specialist

Niche Interest Support: Unsure how you can possibly keep up with your child's latest area of interest? Or, maybe you just want some peace and quiet for a bit while they do what they love? We create custom interest-based units that encourage creativity and build engagement... giving you a much needed break. You won't find these activities in a book on Amazon. Bring us the interest and we can create it, such as these from the past:

  • Particle Physics
  • Astrophysics
  • Typography + Iconography
  • Binary and Hex Coding
  • Geology + Pigment Making
  • Sustainability
  • ... and more

Learning Strategy: Need help unlocking an educational struggle either in your homeschool or in the classroom? We dually differentiate any curriculum or learning objective to effectively engage your child. The teacher (or you!) will thank us. We can reduce the overwhelm of tasks like:

  • Mathematics worksheets
  • Writing assignments
  • Science experiments
  • Journal entries
  • ... and more

Mentoring Sessions: Is your child not interested in the soccer lessons, piano, or tennis? We've got you. A 2e Mentorship will engage them in a passion project that also builds a meaningful social relationship, self-awareness, and confidence in their future pathway. Let us directly guide your child with weekly one-on-one sessions in which we embrace an area of passion and create a product they are proud to share with the world. Along the way, we will improve:

  • Executive functioning skills
  • Self-awareness and skills for self-advocating
  • Confidence in a future pathway
  • A showpiece of ability

A Partner In Parenting

Unlock the peace of knowing that an expert is monitoring your child's journey. Imagine the comfort of knowing that a second set of eyes is looking at the whole child experience: learning approach, parenting strategies, talent development opportunities and coordination across the providers on your child's team. Or, if your child is older, supporting that transition into what comes after high school. 

Dr. Amy directly helps you embrace today and plan for the future while personally guiding the creation of pathways and programs specifically crafted for your child.

This is for the parent who's time is valuable. They need to focus on their own needs, career, and other family members but also want confidence that they are supporting their child's path.

This package is customizeable but typically includes components such as:

  • Direct access to Amy
  • Management of support team goals and progress
  • Coordination with educators, schools, or employers
  • Identification of strengths-based talent development opportunities
  • Planning for future school choices or employment options
  • Summer camp selection and gap year planning
  • Portfolio of abilities
  • 2e Mentorship
  • ....and more.

Requires a minimum of 3 month commitment, transparency, and attending a weekly parent session.