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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of kids do you serve?
We work mostly with families of students that experience one or more learning difference, developmental delay or mental health challenge along with asynchronous development or giftedness. Giftedness in my work includes more than advanced cognitive abilities or acceleration in a school classroom. In fact, most of the gifted students I work with do not thrive in mainstream classrooms without support and understanding. We instead consider giftedness to include advanced abilities or intensities in all areas including creative thinking and innovation, philosophical and theoretical thinking, social justice and environmental protection, spatial awareness, athletics, music, art, dance, etc. (Deep article exploring Giftedness coming soon on our Substack.)

Our clients very often have received diagnoses or labels such as Asynchronously Developing, Gifted, Profoundly Gifted along with Autistic, ADHD, Anxiety, Highly Sensitive, OCD, Depression, PDA, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Dyspraxia, Sensory Differences, Tourette’s Syndrome, Auditory or Visual Processing Differences, ARFID (and other eating disorders), and more. We look not at labels but at how the blend of abilities and challenges come together in a shade as unique as one’s skin color. We love them all.
Do you provide mentoring for kids?
Yes, and.... We have conducted research on the value that strength-based relationships can bring to neurodivergent students. Truly, they can be transformative experiences. However, we know the fragility of the students we serve, the importance of a deep understanding of their individuality, and the niche interests that such mentors must sometimes share. In other words, we do and will offer mentorships but only if we truly believe that we can create a positive experience for the child. The first step for mentorships is to complete the strength-based assessment. Reach out if you’d like to discuss the details.
Can I drop my kid off for sessions with you? Can we meet in person for coffee?
Awww, I would love to offer a drop off solution for parents to have time away knowing that their neurodivergent kids are with someone that truly gets it and shares their passions. The reality is that I work with families around the globe, across timezones and geographies so everything we do is virtual. I know, I know, you’re tired of virtual. But, the reality is we want all families looking for support to have the opportunity to find it without geographical restrictions. We are experts in virtual technology and encourage you to give it a try to see just how authentic the relationship truly is despite the distance. Our research shows the value of such virtual meeting-based mentorships for 2e students because of the environment of safety the virtual meeting provides. 
What are your prices?
We publish pricing for our 1:1 parenting coffee chats as well as our parenting groups. However, our other offerings are highly individualized and can be packaged in ways that make sense for your family. If you are interested in any of our other services, book a free consult and lets figure out what makes sense.
What exactly are your qualifications? What do you do that the other therapists aren’t doing already?
Dr. Amy earned a Doctorate in Education, specifically Cogntive Diversity. She also has a Certificate in twice-exceptional education. But, some of the most valuable expertise comes from her lived experience parenting her own neurodivergent children along with working with gifted, 2e, and multi-exceptional individuals around the globe. She has a particular interest in the complex multi-exceptional individual such as profoundly gifted students that also experience chronic anxiety. She also has a deeply technical background with a masters in computer science and a bachelor's degree in engineering. Learn more about her professional background on LinkedIn.

That said, we are not therapists, medical doctors, and we are not all certified teachers (some of our team are). We can not provide diagnoses and we can not advise on medications. The information we share and services we provide should not take the place of medical advice. 

Many therapists and providers today do not fully embrace neurodivergent individuals through their strengths. Often, parents are overwhelmed by deficit lists, medical labels, disorders and disability talk. The negativity is overwhelming and can even be traumatizing to the child.
We review and translate assessments for parents in a way that brings clarity and hope through understanding. We advise on additional providers that may add value, coordinate across the care team to ensure areas of focus align, and we help you to find the approach that will truly meet your child and family’s needs. We offer a perspective on learning, living, and loving neurodivergent individuals in a way that those who have not walked the journey can not fully understand.
Can you help me with something I don’t see on your site?
Maybe! Feel free to send a note or schedule a chat for us. We’re always looking for new ways to serve this population that we love. Also, sing up for our newsletter because we’re adding new services to our list regularly. Newsletter subscribers hear of them first and get early access for sign ups.

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