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What is this community?

As parents of gifted, twice- and multi-exceptional children, the journey can often feel isolating and confusing. The Exceptionally Engaged community brings together families on similar journeys to create a place for learning from each other, sharing about the day-to-day, and envisioning the future. Ultimately, we craft opportunities for you to feel a sense of belonging as you build your tribe with individuals who truly understand.

How do you create a community?

We begin the formation of a community through 6 live weekly group sessions. The group sessions are co-facilitated by experts in cognitive diversity with a mixture of experience in schooling from unschool to private. We have advanced training and personal experience in gifted and multi-exceptional children but our role in the group is to initiate the conversations then let the value of the group surface through your natural exchanges to create connections.

Do you teach us anything?

The first session sets the stage for the group with an introduction to neurodiversity and sharing of topics of interest by the group. Facilitators provide weekly readings or videos to review prior to each session to serve as introductions to the topic. Suggested pre-reading is always optional, we know life is busy! The majority of learning happens through the live group discussions and consistency of being present. For those interested in learning more, we are always happy to provide additional resources.

Ee Community

Participants in the group are encouraged to build their tribe with other group members with whom they connect. Members may freely share their personal contact information to build their relationship outside of the group sessions, if desired.

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