Amy Haynes Clark

Comprehensive Exam | September 2022
Bridges Graduate School of Cognitive Diversity in Education

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.
— Steve Jobs

Personal Statement Goals

Build Engagement.

Leveraging a strengths-based, talent-focused approach to engage gifted and twice-exceptional learners through their passions.

Innovate with Technology.

Expand the reach of 2e support through the innovative uses of existing technology, and the conceptualization of new offerings.

Foster Positive Environments.

Foster home, educational, and workplace environments of safety by raising awareness and championing strategies for 2e inclusion.

Redesign Educational Approaches.

Create new educational pathways, tailored to the specific needs of individual students, to foster talent and rekindle a love of learning.

Build Self-Awareness.

Coach neurodiverse individuals in their strengths to create a sense of belonging and the confidence to self-advocate.

Advocate for Neurodiversity.

Advise employers on strategies for recruiting, hiring, and retaining neurodiverse employees to leverage their greatest strengths.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.
— Doctor Seuss, The Lorax

Communication & Advocacy

Book Review

Read and reviewed Dr. Nicole Tetreault’s book, “Insight Into a Bright Mind” which was published on 2e News.

Parent Advocacy Panel

Participated as a panelist in the Bridges Symposium on Vision and Leadership in 2e Education as the parent of a 2e child.

Written Piece

Submitted for publication to the SENG Library a blog-like piece on the power of facilitating social relationships when founded on interests.

Interview: Lived Experience

Discussed my personal experience of living as a gifted adult and the journey that got me to where I am as well as parenting challenges.

Conference Speaker

Shared strategies for fostering engagement in schools for one through Renzulli’s enrichment experiences and Baum’s 2e model.

Conference Speaker

Provided insights on strategies for building engagement in 2e learners who present as profoundly gifted and with chronic anxiety.

Treatment is not just fixing what is broken; it is nurturing what is best.
— Seligman and Csikszentmihalyi

Theory & Application

Review of Literature

In support of my dissertation proposal, I completed a review of literature focused on my topic of mentoring for twice-exceptional learners. The review includes four major subject areas: twice-exceptionality, mentoring, social-emotional needs, and virtual collaboration.

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Design of 2e Educational Approach

Applying my knowledge from studies at Bridges Graduate School, I founded a school targeting gifted and twice-exceptional learners. Initially created as a “school-of-one” for my son’s needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, the model has proven successful and garnered substantial interest from families. Currently considering options for rolling out portions as a virtual learning environment for other 2e students.

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If a child can not learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.
— Ignacio Estrada

Developing Expertise

Suite of Tools Review Meetings

Partnered with Sandra Clifton to conduct nine Suite of Tools assessment meetings during which we openly collaborated with parents to highlight their child’s unique strengths and ideated strategies to foster engagement through interests and talents.

Bridges Online Academy

Innovated strategies to improve staff collaboration while maintaining awareness of student profile details, enhanced the BAO handbook to include technnology needs, and designed a fall tech bootcamp program to ease the transition to online learning environments for BAO students. Coached the inaugural cohort of high school students to meet requirements for achieving their Young Expert badges.

Bright & Quirky

Analyzed the annual Bright & Quirky parent survey of over 700 respondents to identify themes indicating primary areas of struggle for families. Researched areas of struggle to identify potential resources and experts that could provide relevant knowledge. Conceptualized one approach to the annual B&Q conference organization and speaker lineup to deliver desired knowledge for subscribers. Presented findings to Debbie Steinburg Kuntz and team.

Edison Reece Clark Plans

Associations & Organizations

Throughout my courses at Bridges Graduate School, I leveraged the case of my own son for projects that explored strategies for working with 2e students. I believe the transition of my early work to my later projects illustrates my developing expertise in innovative educational approaches.

I contribute to the community of twice-exceptionality as an active member of multiple organizations. These activities provide me with opportunities to coach parents, facilitate communities, and advocate for the 2e population. My membership in these organizations also provides me with a multi-disciplinary community of peers with whom I actively partner to bring programs to life.

  • Torrance Center - Figural and Verbal Testing Assessor (expected 12/22)

  • GHF Professionals Group - Leading Creation of Enrichment Co-op for 2022

  • SENG SMPG Facilitator (Online & In-Person)

  • NAGC 2e Special Interest Group & 2e Parent Group (2021-2022)

  • SENG Member & Conference Speaker (07/2022)

  • NAGC Member & Conference Speaker (11/2022)

  • Zen Living Parent Support Group Facilitator (10/2021)