Join Me at Gift-a-Palooza 2024

By Amy
January 4, 2024
1 min read

I have followed Dr. Mike Postma's work for years and just can't say enough positive things about the contributions he makes to the gifted community. He not only has decades of hands-on experience with gifted students and has been in the trenches building schools to serve them, but he and his amazing wife, Julie, also walk the journey as parents.

I am excited to speak at their annual conference in February. My presentation will be my first public talk to share the findings of my dissertation research which looked at the value of virtual meeting-based mentorships for 2e students with anxiety.

The conference includes 45 speakers with some of the most notable names in the gifted + 2e space. I can hardly wait to attend and hear from everyone else there too!

Join me and say hello!


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